Guillaume Musso is still and always the most read writer of the year

Guillaume Musso is still and always the most read writer of the year

Violet Field inEntertainmentJan 21, 2021 2 min read1 views

With more than 1.5 million copies sold, it crushes the competition

For the tenth consecutive year, Guillaume Musso has established himself in 2020 as the most read writer in France, according to a list revealed by Le Figaro on Wednesday. According to data from GfK, a marketing institute that relies on large-format and pocket-size sales in thousands of physical and online outlets, it sold 1,509,662 copies over the year, ahead of Virginie Grimaldi (827,561 copies) and Michel Bussi (815,003 copies).

Two titles in the ten best-selling books of 2020

According to another GfK ranking published a week earlier, Guillaume Musso placed two titles among the ten best-selling books of 2020: The Secret Life of Writers (2nd) and La Vie est un roman (5th). The novelist published by Calmann-Lévy owes his success to his breathless plots, his endearing characters, and his dynamic style, which attract a very diverse audience but have also earned him higher esteem in literary criticism for several years.

After Virginie Grimaldi with And that only sweet moments last and Michel Bussi with Au soleil dreaded, follows an author of detective novels, Franck Thilliez for Twice had passed in nearly 742,000 copies. The first foreigner is the French-speaking Swiss Joël Dicker, fifth with some 735,000 copies. It has the particularity of selling much less in the pocket than its competitors, for lack of being among the two best-distributed pocket publishers, PocketBook and Pocket.

The Goncourt 2020 at the gates of the ranking

Marc Levy, which his editor Robert Laffont presents as the most read author in France in the 21st century, is sixth in 2020, with 675,000 copies. Michel Houellebecq himself came out of this top 10 where he was ninth in 2019, thanks to Serotonin. It publishes less often than its highly successful competitors, at the rate of a novel every four or five years. Another bookstore phenomenon, the 2020 Goncourt Prize, Hervé Le Tellier ( L'Anomalie, 440,000 copies), does not appear in this ranking either, where it is necessary to have exceeded 565,000 books sold.