For Paul McCartney, Glastonbury will not take place in 2021

For Paul McCartney, Glastonbury will not take place in 2021

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The organizers of the British musical event are already preparing for the worst scenario

The Former Beatles, Paul McCartney - Sven Hoppe / picture-alliance / Cover Images

Paul McCartney doesn't want to play the ominous bird, but he thinks the Glastonbury Festival won't be in 2021. “100,000 people huddled together with flags and no masks - you know, that would be a super-propagator. I would like that to happen, but I suspect that it will not be the case ”, declared the artist during a passage on BBC Radio 4, while knowing that he was not planned to the poster of the famous British musical event.

For her part, Emily Eavis, organizer of the festival, refuses to despair.

Without illusion

“The hardest part is figuring out exactly what to expect, and what impact it's going to have on what you're able to do. But at the moment, I'm not sure that there is anything we can do to ensure the reception of 200,000 people for six days on a few fields in June 2021 ”, explained Emily Eavis. at the BBC not long ago.

Glastonbury 2021: “We're doing everything we can,” says @emilyeavis , “but we're a long way from being able to say we're confident 2021 will go ahead.”

- BBC News Entertainment (@BBCNewsEnts) December 16, 2020

However, Emily Eavis is committed to the Glastonbury Festival one way or another, and the event could be limited to Livestream concerts.