Europe 1 stops the “Mediapolis” program, presented by Olivier Duhamel

Europe 1 stops the “Mediapolis” program, presented by Olivier Duhamel

Violet Field inEntertainmentJan 8, 2021 2 min read1 views

According to "Le Parisien", the radio would replace the weekly program by "The great voices of Europe 1"

Political scientist Olivier Duhamel. - STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP

According to information from Le Parisien, confirmed by Puremédias, Europe 1 would have decided to put an end to the Mediapolis program, presented every Saturday by Olivier Duhamel. A decision taken a few days after the incest accusations revealed by Le Monde on Monday, ahead of the book La Familia Grande, published this Thursday by Camille Kouchner.

She accuses her stepfather of sexually assaulting her twin brother when they were teenagers. Charges which led to the opening of an investigation for “rape and sexual assault” by the Paris prosecutor.

A new political meeting

Still, according to Le Parisien, Europe 1 would have decided to replace Mediapolis with another program called The great voices of Europe 1, which would look at political news every week. It would be presented by Sébastien Guyot, in the presence of Catherine Nay (who co-presented Mediapolis with Olivier Duhamel), Michèle Cotta, Charles Villeneuve, and Gérard Carreyrou.

Olivier Duhamel embodied Mediapolis since 2007, a meeting he had launched with Michel Field. Following the charges of incest revealed on Monday, he had decided to leave the presentation.