Dave Grohl recorded vocals in a bathroom

Dave Grohl recorded vocals in a bathroom

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The group resolved to release the album despite being unable to go on tour.

Musician Dave Grohl - Martin Harris / CP / Starface

Almost a year later, Dave Grohl still vividly remembers his voice recording for Medicine at Midnight, the next Foo Fighters album. And for good reason: it was in an old bathroom.

“We moved into this old house in my neighborhood. We built a studio in the upstairs bedroom. We recorded the drums in the living room, the guitars in the bedroom and we did the vocals in the bathroom, right next to the toilet, ”recalled the musician during an interview given to Q104 radio. 3 before discussing how the pandemic has turned all of the group's plans upside down.

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One year later

“We started (the album) maybe in September (2019), and we finished it in January or February. Everything was ready - mixing, mastering, ready for release. The artwork was ready, the t-shirts, and the trucks were loaded. We were ready to go. Then everything stopped, ”continued Dave Grohl, recalling that the 2020 Foo Fighters tour should have marked the 25 years of the group.

Used to the fact that an album release is always followed by a tour, the Foo Fighters let the year pass before resolving to release their new album.“I tell myself that we make this music so that people listen to it, not just to be able to hit the road. We write these songs for people to enjoy and sing along to, no matter whether they're alone in their kitchen tossing each other a bottle of Crown Royal (a whiskey) or in a stadium jumping all over the place. singing the refrains, ”he continued.

Suddenly, the release of Medicine at Midnight has been set for February 26.