Courtney Love is outraged by the cost of Covid tests

Courtney Love is outraged by the cost of Covid tests

Violet Field inEntertainmentDec 24, 2020 2 min read0 views

Hole singer, who lives in London, believes labs would gain no less by making PCR and antigen testing affordable

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While in France, antigen and PCR tests are reimbursed by Social Security, this is not the case everywhere in the world, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States. A scandal for the American rocker Courtney Love, who lives in London.

“A lot of my wealthy friends have had access to the Covid test kits for over six months. Every time I give people who do not have the same means or the same access as me a box of 20 (tests), it pisses me off that they are not available in every supermarket in my two countries (and in the world) for 5 bullets or even 20 ”, she wrote on Instagram in the caption of the antigen test which she passed - and which is negative.

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In the UK, the price for PCR and antigen testing ranges between £ 90 and £ 200 in the private sector. The NHS (British public health service) offers a free PCR test, to be done at home or in a center but under certain conditions, in particular, having Covid symptoms or at the request of the employer.

Everyone winning

The Hole singer does not understand the financial logic of the laboratories either. “With this new strain of Covid-19, 70% more 'contagious' than the last, we all need this ability to be tested, more than ever. EVERYBODY. EVERYBODY !!! If the tests (…), especially the new ones that detect Covid antigens in 15 minutes, were accessible and affordable, people would continue to make a ton of money, and? This shit would be curbed. Billions in the economic world would be saved. So… ”adds Kurt Cobain's widow.

The artist adds that she is "not at ease" with her "own elitism, in particular when it comes to public health". “We ALL deserve to have a box of tests in our fridge! I keep wondering why this is not the case, ”concludes Courtney Love.