Claude Brasseur, a great "endearing actor" with a memorable voice

Claude Brasseur, a great "endearing actor" with a memorable voice

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Remarkable roles, pleasant encounters during filming… Our Internet users have fond memories of the actor who died on Tuesday

Claude Brasseur on the set of “Camping 2” by Fabien Onteniente, in Arcachon, in August 2009. - ALAIN GUIZARD / SIPA
  • The immense actor Claude Brasseur passed away on Tuesday, December 22 at the age of 84.
  • Through more than 110 films, seven series, and a long career on the boards, he has distinguished himself in many roles such as "The New Adventures of Vidocq", "An elephant that trumps enormously", "The Boom" and "Camping », Marking two generations.
  • The comedian and actor were crowned with two Césars: that of the best actor in a supporting role in “An elephant that deceives enormously   ” and that of the best actor for his role in “The war of the police”.

The world of the 7th art still mourns one of its sacred monsters. After Jean Rochefort, Guy Bedos, Victor Lanoux, and Danièle Delorme, Claude Brasseur left on Tuesday, December 22. The immense comedian and actor, who has filmed for the cameras of the greatest on the small and large screens and has been greeted many times on the stage, will leave our readers with lasting memories.

In 1978, Christian met Claude Brasseur a few steps from his village in the 77, in the middle of filming A Simple Story. He remembers this man who, at the end of the afternoon, walked “alone, his hands in his pockets, giving free rein to his imagination. He was a person, like a film he was making, 'simple', although at no time did I allow myself to disturb him ”. He is not the only one to have met the Caesarized actor for his role in The War of the Police in the Flesh and Bone. Fabrice, "who already liked the actor", was not disappointed by the man "simple but with opinions that he defended while not giving a damn about what one might think of him", with whom he spent 15 minutes in the smoking-room of a nightclub in Saint-Tropez in 2006.

An artist who "didn't have a big head"

Dominique and Jean-Christophe shared anecdotes with Claude Brasseur in hotels. The first, in Valletta on the island of Malta during the filming of Wolves in them. While everyone dressed very classy to go to dinner at the restaurant of the establishment "he was going to eat in Bermuda jeans, T-shirt and walkman on his ears, nobody dared to say anything to him", says- he describes a man "very approachable who did not have a big head".The second reveals a hair story, told by his mother, who worked in a hotel where the merry actor stayed for several days: "his hair was curly and went to have it straightened every day at a hairdresser".

Lover of the Dakar, Claude Brasseur was co-driver six times in the rally-raid. It was on this occasion in 1983 that Jackie saw him at the wheel of his racing car, "very nice despite the fatigue" on his face reddened by the heat of the desert, in Yamoussoukro in Ivory Coast. Nathalie, for her part, cherishes an autograph of the actor obtained by her father, a gendarme." Claude Brasseur's wife had come to ask him for information," she recalls, greeting this gentleman who is "now part of today's nostalgia like Louis Jouvet and many others".

The Vidocq of their youth

Many of our readers like Manuel and Pascal mourn “the Vidocq of their childhood”, a piece of their youth. “I was 7 years old and I was discovering my first TV series,” says Christophe, who adored the eternal rivalry of the former convict turned police officer with Baroness Roxane de Saint-Gély. Everyone is hoping that Les Nouvelles Aventures de Vidocq will soon be rebroadcast in homage to Claude Brasseur.

Sylvie, like Philippe and Martine, keeps a fond thought for the actor's family, and particularly his son Alexandre "who looks a lot like him and will continue to carry the name of Brasseur high". From father (Pierre Brasseur, the patriarch) to a son, "this family leaves us only good memories", adds Marie-José. Jacques "salutes the modesty of this great actor when he was the son of immense actors".

A rugged voice and foolproof humor

Who says Claude Brasseur, says a rocky voice remarkable and unforgettable. A feature that has marked many of our Internet users. Alain remembers having heard it on stage in “Le dinner de cons” with Jacques Villeret. “It's one of the rare pieces that still makes me laugh,” he admits to us, wishing him a safe journey into the afterlife. Eve-Marie, who praises the presence of the actor, also keeps a good memory of this play and in particular of a scene where "a giggle forced him to leave the stage when giving the reply to Jacques Villeret, a Phillipe Clay biting the inside of his cheek, resisting the urge to follow him in his giggles ”.

Fabienne is "very sad" to see one of her favorite actors leave. “As a child, I certainly discovered Claude Brasseur in Monsieur Papa, a nice film with Nathalie Baye,” she wrote to us. “For me, who is Sophie Marceau's age, it was obviously Vic's father! », She adds. Also a fan of La Boum, Amélie was able to express her admiration to him during the festival "a director in the city" in the summer of 2016 in Nîmes and to offer sweets "to the wonderful father he was for Victoire Berreton and thanks to who I was less afraid of dentists, ”she tells us.

Jean-Eudes, for his part, was very marked by the controversial film Descent into Hell where Claude Brasseur and Sophie Marceau form a torrid couple. "It's hard to see these two actors as a couple after La Boom, " he points out. He also quotes his character of Jacky Pic in Camping, which made him known to the youngest. Swan shares with us his crush for the film The Student and the complicity between Monsieur Henri and Constance, the young pianist he helps to return to music school. Roselyne, who discovered the actor at 12 as Sganarelle in Dom Juan, pays homage to a great actor, worthy son of his father." The French scene loses one of its Greats, again," she laments. Like us. Marcel Bluwal's