Christopher Walken has no cell phone or computer

Christopher Walken has no cell phone or computer

Violet Field inEntertainmentDec 28, 2020 2 min read1 views

The actor has always lived far from technology and is doing very well

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At 77, Christopher Walken has always lived far from technology, and that's not going to change today. If the actor needed to be launched his Zoom session in order to participate in Late Show, it is because he has simply never had "a cell phone or a computer".  Stephen Colbert's

Not that he is "morally, philosophically or emotionally opposed." Simply, the star never felt the need to get started. “I think I'm just old enough to miss it. And I never got into it because it would be weird if any 10-year-old would be better than me at that, ”he explained.

Like an electronic bracelet

Christopher Walken has never felt handicapped by his lifestyle. For him, smartphones are like watches: “If you need them, someone else has one”. Finally, the distance that the Sleepy Hollow star maintains from technology allows her to look at it with great lucidity.

“Sometimes I get a cell phone on [the set of] a movie, but it's more so I can find myself… Like an electronic bracelet, ” he continued, letting us suddenly imagine the freedom that can be felt. someone who doesn't live with a phone constantly nearby.