Casanova wanted to "sing in Corsica" in "Eurovision France"

Casanova wanted to "sing in Corsica" in "Eurovision France"

Violet Field inEntertainmentJan 20, 2021 4 min read1 views

Casanova, 27, evokes for "20 Minutes" his song "Tutti", whose chorus is in Corsican, with which he tries his luck in the French selection for Eurovision

Singer Casanova. - Casanova / FTV
  • Eight solo artists, three duets, and a trio are in the running for Eurovision France, it's up to you! , the French selection for Eurovision which will be broadcast on January 30 on France 2.
  • Casanova, 27, is in contention with the song Tutti.
  • "The main idea of my song is" altogether, we are better "to face the vagaries of life," he said to 20 Minutes.

This year, twelve songs can hope to represent France at Eurovision Song Contest in May. But there will only be one elected. They will be decided on the evening of January 30, on France 2 , within the framework of Eurovision France, you decide! presented by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini.

Until then, 20 Minutes invites you to discover every day the artists who, solo, duo, or trio, are involved in the competition. Casanova is not unknown to the general public since he reached the final of The Voice in 2018. The Corsican singer of 27 years is trying his luck with Tutti.

How did you come to music?

My father listened to a lot of rock: Scorpions, U2, Bon Jovi, Guns N'Roses. When I was little, I sang in yoghurt to what he was making me listen to. Around the age of 9, Corsican music came to me. I started to sing it. It has become common to lock myself in my room and sing. As a teenager, at 16, with some friends, we started a group, Cirnese - I'm no longer in it but it still exists. We made three albums, we are known on the island where we did a lot of concerts. I tried my luck twice at The Voice. The first time nobody looked back, the second time I made it to the final.

How would “Tutti” be a good song for Eurovision?

First of all, there is the message that I want to defend: the main idea is “altogether, we are better” to face the vagaries of life. I wanted to put my finger on the subject of social networks. When we are far away, it can bring us closer, but when we are close, I have the impression that it cuts us off from something, that it creates a bond that is not true. I also wanted to sing in Corsican. It's a way for me to showcase my culture and my values.

What will your performance be like in “Eurovision France”?

We start to know what we want. We have ideas, we have to see what is doable and how it looks on stage. I will try to give everything to enhance the music and the performance.

Your experience in "The Voice" is going to be useful to you, right?

It's an experience that brought me a lot. I don't know if that's an advantage. I tend not to have really crippling stress but an excitement, a desire to give everything and do well that takes hold of me before going on stage. I'm not afraid to go. I had the chance to go to the final of The Voice, so to have been able to do several performances during four live shows with beautiful scenographies, is sure that it is a plus in the beginning of my career. can have.

If I say "Eurovision", which artist or which song spontaneously comes to your mind?

First the song with which Patrick Fiori represented France at Eurovision Song Contest, Mama Corsica [4th in 1993]. I was also very touched, even transfixed, by Salvador Sobral and Amar Pelos Dois [the Portuguese won the competition in 2017]. This performance marked me, I do not understand anything in Portuguese, but his interpretation and the way he defended his title moved me a lot.

Apart from "Eurovision France", what are your projects?

My album has been ready since June, it was due out in December, but in view of the health crisis, we preferred to postpone the date. I hope that with the nice spotlight at Eurovision France, it can be marketed during the year. I have already released two other singles, Nos antipodes a year ago, and We see far in March, the day before the first confinement. There will be a lot of songs with this positive, fresh energy. I like to be inspired by my emotions, from what I lived, there will also be more personal pieces, more in the interpretation. It's an album that looks like me.