Cardi B and SZA are in Celebs

Cardi B and SZA are in Celebs

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Singer Cardi B - Zuma / Starface January 6, 2021

SZA laughs at the Grammys

SZA has been nominated nine times at the Grammy Awards and has walked away empty-handed as many times. However, the singer does not care: as she explained to Cosmopolitan, she is already happy to make a living from her music. “I'm just a suburban girl. I never dreamed of being nominated for a Grammy. I thought I was going to be a gymnast and a fucking accountant, work at Nike, or something in Portland. Who knows. Something that involves a suit. So no, it's not too heavy to carry, ”she explains.

Far from suits and Portland, the artist is now preparing to release his next album, which took him to the guts. “This album is the thing that made me feel things… there… and there,” she reveals, pointing her heart and stomach.

Cadi B explains why she doesn't want her daughter to listen to "WAP"

P. Diddy's son arrested for jet-ski trip

P. Diddy's son was arrested by Miami authorities for breaking current health regulations by taking two young girls jet-skiing after dark. In addition, neither he nor his passengers wore life jackets. According to TMZ, Justin Combs and his two friends were heading to a party that was being held on a yacht. He would thus have received a summons to appear.

His father, meanwhile, had already come under fire for throwing a big birthday party, even though he otherwise canceled his New Year's Eve party.