"Cap Canaille", a prize of the Quai des orfèvres riddled with clichés

"Cap Canaille", a prize of the Quai des orfèvres riddled with clichés

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"Cap Canaille" by Christophe Gavat was published in December 2020 in pocket by Fayard

Cap Canaille - Fayard
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  • Today, “Cap Canaille” by Christophe Gavat, prize of the Quai des orfèvres republished in pocket at Fayard.

Christian Dorsan, author , blogger and contributor to the 20 Minutes Books reading group, recommends Cap Canaille by Christophe Gavat, Quai des orfèvres prize reissued in his pocket at Fayard.

Her favorite quote:

Sometimes life has serious surprises in store for us. We take it in the face. Our job as cops is to learn to take cash. And accept that we cannot always foresee everything.

Why this book?

  • Because the Quai des Orfèvres prize is awarded by a jury chaired by the director of the judicial police. It is therefore always a good-quality thriller that must respect the procedures and the credibility of the daily life of the police.
  • Because the investigation is well conducted, the plot is fascinating, it leads us into the habits of the police as well as those of robbers and dealers. l
  • Because the characters seem very real, even if we do not escape the clichés: the good cop who hides a drama, a surly policewoman who is in reality in search of love… And the thugs are no exception to the rule: the robbers have values, the dealers are scum. Last shot: Marseille, but how to avoid it?

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot. Appointed in Marseille, Saint Donnat recognizes in a settling of scores an old acquaintance nicknamed La Carlton. But what can the corpse of this robber used to luxury do in the trunk of a burnt car in Marseille?

Characters. Saint Donnat, Marseille cop, and his assistants: Basile and Lucie. The Carlton alias Nathalie Fournier, and the robbers, former legionaries, the Hosni brothers.

Places. Marseille, Paris and its region.

The time. 2018 with flashbacks to the past.

The author. Christophe Gavat is a former curator, author of thrillers, among which Borderline, adapted for the cinema by Olivier Marchal with Bruno Wolkowitch who played his role.

This book was read like a documentary: the procedures, the links between the services, the hierarchy, etc., everything is well described even if the clichés spoil the plot a little ... For the author, there is the scum and the " good thugs, on the one hand, good cops and nothing else. It's a shame because if the plot is gripping, the characters lack a little depth.

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