Boris Johnson and Radiohead are in Celebs

Boris Johnson and Radiohead are in Celebs

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson - InStar / Cover Images

December 22, 2020

Katy Perry was posing as Zooey Deschanel early in her career

It's so screaming that it has become a meme: the resemblance between Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel is truly striking. So much so that when she started her career, the interpreter of Fireworks was posing as an actress! The singer confessed during a live Instagram (relayed by ET Online ) with her double that she had sometimes used it to go to a nightclub!

“When I moved to LA 18 years ago now, I was nobody, and you were a star. It was as if Zooey Deschanel was ruling the world. And at that time, I was delighted to be like you. But I have to admit, when I got there I was going to clubs. But as I had no money and that I was nobody, sometimes I pretended to be you to come back ”, she revealed… before learning, bewildered, that the one who has since become her friend knew about it!

"Boris Johnson Is AF * cking C * nt" is song # 2 on the UK charts

Radiohead offers holiday greeting cards

Radiohead offered its fans digital greeting cards on their Public Library site. You can read messages in reference to Christmas such as "FA LA LA" or "INSTEAD OF THE VACUUM", and "HOPE FOR THE FUTURE".Enough to send messages of hope for the end of a year which will have been terrible.

“These cards are for you, to send to acquaintances, old or new. No data entered in these cards will be kept by Radiohead. But if you're interested in Radidohead, come and join WASTE Don't run, it's still a library, ”the group wrote, in their usual style.