Billie Eilish and Chrissy Teigen are in Celebs' Threads

Billie Eilish and Chrissy Teigen are in Celebs' Threads

Violet Field inEntertainmentDec 31, 2020 2 min read1 views

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Chrissy Teigen quit drinking for four weeks Chrissy Teigen is four weeks sober! The star has indeed decided not to drink during the holidays, and she is proud of it. So when a fan asked her on social networks "what drug" she was taking, following a funny video of her dancing, John Legend's wife replied "sober for four weeks".

The video of the model dancing in a funny way is in any case a pleasure to see, in light of the sad end of the year that his couple spent, marked by the loss of their baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Billie EIlish loses 100,000 Instagram followers because of topless

Instead of having his New Year's party, P. Diddy distributes money to the people of Miami

P. Diddy is famous for his opulent year-end party, which he organizes every year in Miami, but this year, coronavirus forces, the rapper has decided to cancel the festivities. Never mind, the musician, rather than wallowing in the luxury of his villa, preferred to act for the community and, in person and duly masked, distributed money and gift cards to residents of 'Overturn, in Miami.

And that's not all: as the NME notes, the rapper is working with Michael Gardner and the Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success charity to help families in need pay their rent.