Barack Obama, Pierre Cardin and Stephen King are in the replays

Barack Obama, Pierre Cardin and Stephen King are in the replays

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Replay, SVOD, streaming, podcast ... "20 Minutes" gives you its video and audio tips for the week

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There is not only the direction in life, there is also the replay. From YouTube to Netflix, including replays of television channels and podcasts of radio stations, 20 Minutes concocts for you every Sunday a list of things to see, or review, listen or listen to again.

Week of January 11 to 17

"The Good Lord Bird", Barack Obama's current favorite series

Adapted from the novel L'Oiseau du Bon Die u by James McBride, winner of the National Book Award in 2013, the miniseries The Good Lord Bird, available on MyCanal, was created and produced by Mark Richard and Ethan Hawke. The latter plays John Brown, viscerally opposed to slavery, who called for an armed insurrection to abolish it. After a bloody campaign in Kansas, he was captured and hanged in Virginia in 1859, two years before the Civil War broke out. Through this particular destiny, The Good Lord Bird delves into the sources of the current fractures of American society and poses the question of the use of violence to achieve a noble goal. Barack Obama, who made her one of his favorite productions of the moment, was not mistaken.

Pierre Cardin, "the most controversial of the great French couturiers"

Perfumes, cigarettes, dishes, and furniture… Pierre Cardin, who died on December 29, 2020, at the age of 98, has multiplied the licenses so much that we sometimes forget that he was, before being a visionary businessman, a virtuoso couturier. "If modernity has a name, it is that of Pierre Cardin, the most controversial of the great French couturiers", indicates the press release by Pierre Cardin La griffe de la modernité, a documentary available on Through his work and his career, it is the incredible changes of the last seventy years that this documentary traces: from the end of the aristocratic world before the war to the emergence of the middle class, from the birth of culture rock at the beginning of the space conquest, from the first traces of globalization to the fall of the communist bloc.

"120 Beats Per Minute" on Prime Video

A film that will make the hearts of viewers race. 120 beats per minute, Grand Jury Prize at Cannes in 2017, and César for Best Film in 2018 is available on Prime Video. In this film which captures the urgency of a moment, Robin Campillo looks back on the struggle of Act Up Paris in the early 1990s when AIDS caused many deaths in almost general indifference. A film that moves, makes people laugh, and galvanizes!

"The Stand", or the apocalypse according to Stephen King

An apocalyptic vision signed Stephen King in 1978 and known in France as the Scourge. In The Stand, available on Starzplay, a virus, released by mistake from an American laboratory, decimates the majority of the world population (its death rate is 99.4%!). All the survivors are haunted by strange dreams: some by Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgård), the embodiment of evil in several Stephen King novels, others, by Mother Abigaël (Whoopi Goldberg), a centenary who symbolizes good. The struggle between good and evil can begin!