At Eurovision, Amui would show a France "great for its overseas"

At Eurovision, Amui would show a France "great for its overseas"

Violet Field inEntertainmentJan 26, 2021 5 min read0 views

Ken Carlter, Eva Ariitai and Vaheana Fernandez gathered in trio to participate in the French selection for Eurovision. They entrust their ambitions to "20 Minutes"

Eva Ariitai, Ken Carlter and Vaheana Fernandez form the Amui trio. - Amui
  • Eight solo artists, three duets, and a trio are in the running for Eurovision France, it's up to you! , the French selection for Eurovision which will be broadcast on January 30 on France 2.
  • The Amui trio is in contention with the song Maeva.
  • “The other challenge for us is to get the summer hit,” warns the trio at 20 Minutes.

This year, twelve songs can hope to represent France at Eurovision Song Contest in May. But there will only be one elected. They will be decided on the evening of January 30, on France 2, within the framework of Eurovision France, you decide! presented by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini.

Until then, 20 Minutes invites you to discover every day the artists who, solo, duo, or trio, are involved in the competition. Ken Carlter, Eva Ariitai, and Vaheana Fernandez are well known in Tahiti. They came together in a trio especially for the French selection at Eurovision with the ambition to defend the chances of the French while promoting their Polynesian identity.

What is the story of your trio, Amui?

Ken: When France Télévisions launched the call for applications, I spoke to my record company and on Facebook to ask what people thought. Since the reception was positive, I co-wrote a song with my wife in the vein of Ia Ora Na, my previous success, because I wanted something festive. In times of Covid, something was needed to make people dance. We sent the first model to the selection committee. The first return having been favorable, I spoke about it to Eva and Vaheana. So we created the Amui trio which means “together”, “united” because we are three solo artists who join forces to carry our song as far as possible.

How would your song "Maeva" be a good representative for France?

Eva: It brings the sun, it evokes joy, it makes people dance. In this somewhat difficult period, it can bring joy to homes.
K: We bring all our authenticity. There is a mixture of percussions, ukulele… We can bring something new, the Tahitian language, for example, has never represented France at Eurovision. For the show, we are preparing something incredible.

In 1980, the Tahitian Jean Gabilou represented France at Eurovision…

E: It would be something nice to represent Polynesia forty years later. Gabilou is a very great artist here, that would be a source of pride.

K: It's already a source of pride for us to go to the national team. If we can also go to Rotterdam, that would be the icing on the cake. In Tahiti, Gabilou is really a symbol, he is the only one to have represented in France, he finished third.

How is your participation perceived in Tahiti?

K: Very good. People really hope that we will take up the torch from Gabilou. We can feel the fervor of the public. It took a little while because there were the holidays just after the announcement of the officialization of our participation but, for two weeks, there has been a huge enthusiasm.

Vaheana: What is good in Polynesia is that our people are very united. This is the case when there is a candidate for Miss France, the whole country is behind.

K: The fact that the three of us got together brought all of our fan communities together.

What will your performance in "Eurovision France" look like?

K: It won't be a secret to tell you that there will be a haka. We try to mark the occasion, we tell ourselves that we are not doing 18,000 km for anything. If we had the chance to go to Rotterdam, we could also show that France is great through its overseas territories. That is to say that beyond the Eiffel Tower, Paris, the metropolis, it is a country present on three oceans and which is particularly well anchored in the Pacific.

If I say "Eurovision", which song or artist spontaneously comes to mind?

V: The one that I particularly liked was Rise Like A Phoenix by Conchita Wurst in 2015. I like the personality of this artist and the voice is incredible.

E: Same answer! I will also add Abba, who won in 1974 with Waterloo. When I was little, my parents had the band's albums and I listened on repeat.

K: I've always been a fan of the Blue band. He's one of those who made me want to make music and when I saw that they were coming back in 2011 after several years of absence with the song I Can, I followed them with their preparation until the final. Even if they didn't win, it's a fan's pleasure.

And apart from the French selection for Eurovision, what are your plans. Are you going to release an album as a trio?

E: For now, we are concentrating as much as possible on Eurovision France, but why not follow up with a single or an album.
V: I absolutely want the three of us to continue! (laughs)
K: The more we advance in the adventure, the more there is cohesion and complicity. The other challenge for us is to go get the summer hit. We are told that even if we don't go to Eurovision, there is something to do there.