Ashanti and Larry King are in Celebs

Ashanti and Larry King are in Celebs

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January 4, 2021

Ashanti is cured of Covid-19

Ashanti is off to a good start in 2021! The singer has indeed revealed to her fans that she was cured of Covid-19. The star tested positive for the virus in December.

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“We're starting the year brilliantly and without Covid! My test came back negative two days ago. Happy New Year everyone, ”she wrote, adding the caption,“ I'm grateful. My parents and I got our negative test just at the right time to start the year healthy, happy, and loved. I wish you all a happy new year ”.

A promising year ahead!

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Larry King is hospitalized with the coronavirus

Hard start to the year for Larry King. The 87-year-old journalist was hospitalized in Los Angeles because of the coronavirus. Sick for ten days, he had to be transported to hospital, where he will be able to receive visits, neither from his ex-wife nor from their two children. "Larry has battled so many health issues over the past few years, and he's been fighting hard against this one too," a source close to the family reports People.

In 2019, the former Larry King Show host previously survived a nearly fatal heart attack, and previously survived prostate cancer as well as lung cancer, and another heart attack. in 1987.