Armie Hammer will spend New Years in quarantine

Armie Hammer will spend New Years in quarantine

Violet Field inEntertainmentDec 31, 2020 2 min read0 views

The actor has not seen his children since breaking up with their mother

Armie Hammer has decided to join his children, who remained in the Cayman Islands with his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, but that means he will have to spend New Year's Eve in quarantine, after spending Christmas the same! Indeed, travelers arriving in the Cayman Islands must submit to a fortnight, and the actor is no exception to the rule.

On Christmas Eve, he had posted in his Instagram Story a video of him, raising a toast, from his hotel room. The actor Call Me by Your Name did the same on December 29, saying that "good things are on the horizon," because he is left "more than five days of confinement."This, therefore, means that he will indeed spend his December 31 alone, and once again in his room.


The comedian and Elizabeth Chambers broke up after leaving to confine themselves to the Cayman Islands with their children. After their separation, Armie Hammer had returned to the United States and had asked, through his lawyers, that his now ex-wife returns to Los Angeles with their children, Harper, six years old and Ford, three years old.

He had to face the facts: his children are better off in the Cayman Islands where they can go to school every day rather than taking distance courses, as People relay. Suddenly, it is he who joins them, after a very long separation.