19 famous actresses who never got stuck despite their pregnancy processes, series and filming

19 famous actresses who never got stuck despite their pregnancy processes, series and filming

Violet Field inEntertainmentMay 26, 2020 5 min read26 views

Are they not quite successful in hiding this process?

1. Blake Lively in the movie 'The Shallows'

Film shot towards the end of Blake Lively second child pregnant had. Because of this, even though stunt was used in the film from time to time, this situation could be comfortably camouflaged as Blake's stomach was generally under the water and surfboard. 

2. Kerry Washington in the 'Scandal' series

In the first few episodes of Season 6, Kerry's pregnancy was attempted to be hidden with oversized clothes and big Prada brand bags. Season 3 of the series for the first child in the shooting pregnant pregnancy Kerry's remaining at certain points can not be camouflaged series was forced to withdraw length shorter than planned. 

3. Emily Blunt in the movie 'Into the Woods'

Emily's pregnancy was tried to be hidden with fluffy dresses that she wore from time to time and from time to time hiding behind the tree. 

4. Emily Blunt in the movie 'The Girl on the Train'

As the filming continued, Emily became pregnant with her second child. Regarding this process, he said that this period was very tiring but caused him to adopt his role in the movie better.

5. Lisa Kudrow in the TV series 'Friends'

Lisa, Friends of the series 4.sezon pregnant to remain in place to keep this character in Lisa's pregnancy, which carries sequence Phoebe mother were designed from the outset as.

6. Courteney Cox, another name from the 'Friends' series

The same situation could not be applied for Courteney, who played the character of Monica in the series. The reason for this was that he learned that the character Monica in the series could not get pregnant before. Therefore, this pregnancy process in the series was camouflaged with plenty of clothes. 

7. Alyson Hannigan in 'How I Met Your Mother'

The creators of the series launched Alyson's pregnancy as the leftovers from the hot dog eating contest in the series. 

8. Gal Gadot in the movie 'Wonder Woman'

When Gal was five months pregnant, she had to shoot again for the movie 'Wonder Woman'. Since the costume he wore was a very narrow and fit outfit, his belly was wiped with the help of special effects camouflaged with a green curtain. 

9. Ellen Pompeo in the series 'Grey's Anatomy'

Because Ellen became pregnant in the 6th season of the series, this pregnancy was attempted to be camouflaged by close-ups and a scenario was created in which the character played by Ellen donated her liver to her father. The reason for this was to enable Ellen to get through this process as easy as possible. 

10. Julia Roberts in the movie 'Ocean's Twelve'

Instead of trying to camouflage this pregnancy because Julia was pregnant in the filming of the film, she was turned into a fiction where the character in the film made her pregnant number, with the permission of Julia. 

11. Sarah Jessica Parker in the TV series 'Sex and the City'

Since Sarah was pregnant from the 5th season of the series, this season of the series was much less than normally planned. 

12. January Jones in the TV series 'Mad Men'

This situation of the famous actress who got pregnant in the 5th season was changed to the character's weight gain story by making a small change in the script of the series. 

13. Amy Poehler in 'Parks and Recreation'

Since Amy was pregnant in the first and second season shootings of the series, the schedule and shootings of the series were much slower and calmer than a normal set.

14. Debra Messing in the TV series 'Will & Grace'

Since Debra was pregnant in the 6th season of the series, she tried to be camouflaged by a courtyard or article hiding her belly in the scenes. 

15. Kelly Rutherford in the 'Gossip Girl' drama

The famous actress Kelly Rutherford, who plays the character of Lily in the 'Gossip Girl' series, was trying to hide her belly with large size clothes because she got pregnant from the second season of the series. 

16. Kate Winslet in the movie 'Divergent'

You probably didn't think there was a reason to see Kate constantly with the tablet in the movie 'Divergent'?

17. Reese Witherspoon in the movie 'Vanity Fair'

In the filming of this movie, which took place in the 1800s, Reese's belly was hidden with quite wide, fluffy, and layered clothes from the Victorian period. 

18. Mindy Kaling in the TV series 'The Mindy Project'

Maybe in this series, which has the best camouflage scenes ever, Mindy took her belly until she was 7 months old, and this situation was never noticed to the audience thanks to various camera angles and carefully selected costumes.

19. Halle Berry in the movie 'X-Men: Days of the Past Coming'

The director of the movie, Bryan Singer, started the filming with Halle, and it was Halle who used the most stunts throughout the movie.