"With" Bullit and Riper ", we were able to let go of the floodgates" says Oliver Baroux

"With" Bullit and Riper ", we were able to let go of the floodgates" says Oliver Baroux

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Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux had the idea of ​​this real fake "Pamela Rose" two months ago, and it is already there, at midnight on MyCanal, like a real Christmas Kad and O (ah ah you have it ?)

Kewaaa? A "Pamela Rose 3" who does not say her name? Yes, it's the audio film "Bullit et Riper" on Canal + - Fifou / Canal +
  • Almost 20 years later Who killed Pamela Rose? , and 10 years after its sequel, FBI agents Richard Bullit and Douglas Riper are back for a real fake third movie.
  • Kad and O designed this film in audio format for MyCanal and for Christmas.
  • Oliver Barroux returns to this unique project, and this need - and pleasure - to navigate between popular comedy and the absurd humor of their beginnings.

Good kids shouldn't have put it on their Christmas list, but the bad kids of the 1990s and 2000s have been dreaming about it for a long time. It must be said that ten years later Who killed Pamela rose? , they had the right to a Who re-killed Pamela Rose? (what title), so why not a third film? Indeed, if Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux reign over popular comedy and the French box office ( Les Ch'tis, Les Tuche ), the fans do not forget where they come from, of this absurd, niche humor, who participated in the famous "Canal spirit", also with Eric & Ramzy or the Robins des bois.

They have not forgotten either. It is naturally towards Canal + that the duo turned for a Pamela Rose 3 which does not say its name. Indeed, Bullit and Riper is “a film that can be watched with the ears”, a 90-minute (or 6x15-minute) podcast, available on MyCanal at midnight on the night of December 24th. Olivier Baroux returns for 20 Minutes on this express project, carried out in two months, right on time to save 2020.

When there is no more hope, they are not called. #BullitetRiper awaits you on CANAL + on December 25, in a real movie that can be watched with the ears! pic.twitter.com/LBREoCsNnA

- CANAL + (@canalplus) December 14, 2020

According to the latest news, the continuation of the adventures of agents Bullit and Riper was to be "Pamela Rose 3", a film shot live and broadcast on Canal +.

The project is still in progress, but there are feasibility problems, we cannot raise the necessary budget for such an operation. The sets are drawn, everything is ready, but we are looking for acceptable production solutions for a one-shot on television. Basically, it costs too much. We still want to do it with Canal, but not right away.

So you took over the script to make an audio film?

No, this is an untold story. Our two heroes are at the end of the line, at the end of the tape, a bit like everyone else at the moment. Their captain sends them for treatment in an FBI rehabilitation center in Colorado, where they will soon be overtaken by a morbid case, the death of the governor's son. We talk - and laugh at - a lot about America, Americans, Donald Trump too because we are in 2018, with Bullit and Riper conspirators, platists… A good delirium, with lots of characters.

How did you come up with this fun idea for a “film that you can watch with your ears”?

With the closing of cinemas and theaters, we said we had to do something. Kad called me to find out what I was doing. I was finishing Les Tuche 4, he repeated for a play. And there was always the idea of a Pamela Rose 3. I proposed to make an audio film, a podcast, under professional conditions, with a large studio, people from the cinema, in fact, the Tuche sound team, a professional noisemaker, 15 actors… But without images. It was both a recreation for us and a gift for the people who can no longer go to the theaters. Canal said OK in less than an hour, and we set off, with our co-author Julien Rappeneau, for four weeks of intensive writing. It was two months ago, everything went very quickly. But we really wanted to.

The two FBI agents Bullit & Riper are in burnout, but back for a new investigation!👮🏻‍♂️
“Bullit & Riper” the first film that can be viewed with your ears, available from December 25 on Canal +.
Thanks @KadMerad & O. pic.twitter.com/ro5ZnCu1HB

- The Question Box (@BAQcanal) December 15, 2020

How did you adapt your writing and humor to this new format, you had to limit yourself or on the contrary, you were able to let go?

Everything we could imagine visually had to be verbalized, for example, sets that were audible and identifiable in two seconds. Even if we play with a voice-over. We must not forget that Kad and I come from radio, that Pamela Rose was born on the air, so we wrote while thinking radio. It happened naturally and quickly. And yes, of course, we really let go, with a lot of laughs in the studio. There were friends, but mostly voices. We did not try to do name dropping, rather people of confidence and who adhere to our universe, in the spirit of Pamela Rose. Thomas Ngijol, Laurence Arné, Lionel Abelanski for the most famous, but also, for example, Philippe Magnan, the ex-president of Tuche 3, who seemed to be 15 years old again.

We feel in you this need, after a popular comedy, to return to a more absurd, niche humor, to go from “Tuche” to “Pamela Rose”.

There are so many kinds of humor. When I do the Tuches, a so-called popular, mainstream film, I try to infuse the absurd with small touches. I think of the scene "You can lose a bank card but not fifteen" in the second film. This is the idea. But when we offer Bullit and Riper to Canal, and they accept, then we let go of the floodgates. We go all out, it feels good to come back to our origins, to what we did on the radio, on Comedy, and elsewhere. People know it's Pamela Rose. Afterward, I also find myself there in the Tuche, because almost anything is allowed. And I must admit that making films that have been seen by millions of people is a bit of the ultimate pleasure.

Do you sometimes watch some of your “old” skits? For the kiff?

No no no, I don't. Neither do Kad, I think. If a sketch happens on television by chance, I will not zap either, it will awaken memories. But in fact, people often tell us about it, and that's the main thing. The Kamoulox, the Jean-Michel, the meetings, the cassecouilleterose… It's a way for us to review them.