"We are the heroes" gives children super powers

"We are the heroes" gives children super powers

Violet Field inEntertainmentDec 25, 2020 3 min read1 views

Director Robert Rodriguez Brings Superhero Seeds to Life in 'We're the Heroes' Dynamic Coming to Netflix December 25

The young prodigies of "It's us the heroes" by Robert Rodriguez - Ryan Green / Netflix
  • Kids with awesome superpowers must save Earth and their parents threatened by aliens.
  • The creator of the "Spy Kids" saga is launching a new franchise of action films aimed at the whole family.
  • "We are the heroes" multiplies the action scenes around sympathetic young actors.

Leading children is an adult game for Robert Rodriguez. His We the Heroes, which will be available on Netflix on December 25, demonstrates this vividly. The creator of the Spy Kids sagais embarking on a new saga by confronting superhero seeds against aliens. “Children are our future,” the director told 20 Minutes. This science-fiction adventure film is my way of saying it."

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A taste of escape

The toddlers in the film have in common to be the children of vigilantes kidnapped by the aliens. The gigantic sets were invented in post-production. True to form, the filmmaker shot in his studio in Austin, Texas, with a good dose of System D. "We need entertainment like this," insists Robert Rodriguez. They allow you to escape a daily life made gloomy by the pandemic. " This is the hero we offer a total escape by sending the protagonists of a secret base in the spaceship where their parents are detained. Among the dads, we recognize Pedro Pascal, the Mandalorian of the Star Wars series of which Robert Rodriguez directed an episode for season 2.

A family resemblance

“What's great about directing children is that they have a vivid imagination,” says the director. It is enough to describe to them what they are supposed to see and face and they will invent it in their heads and react accordingly on the camera. Sprawling monsters and sinister guardians test the determination of young people by forcing them to join together in order to survive. “I was born into a big family, laughs the director. I drew a lot of inspiration from my relationships with my relatives to develop the dynamic between the characters. »Seeing the muscular exchanges between the children, the spectator said to himself that things must sometimes have gone wrong with the Rodriguez.

Ideal for a (good) start to the year

“I wanted to launch a new franchise of action and science fiction films for the whole family,” says Robert Rodriguez. What better day to program We're the heroes than on December 25 when everyone is gathered after New Years'? We wish a long life to these sympathetic young vigilantes that we would like to see grow up through various adventures.