"Soul" brings jazz to the soul of Pixar studios

"Soul" brings jazz to the soul of Pixar studios

Violet Field inEntertainmentDec 25, 2020 3 min read0 views

The director of "Vice Versa", Pete Docter, delivers a jazzy, philosophical and generous tale with "Soul", available from December 25 on Disney +

"Soul" by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers - Disney + / Pixar
  • "Soul" tells the story of how a prematurely deceased musician returns to Earth to pursue his career.
  • Pete Docter, the director of "Vice Versa" and "Up", celebrates in this film New York and jazz.
  • His superb film was awarded the label of the Cannes Film Festival 2020.

Soul of Pete Docter and Kemp Powers moves as they recount how a prematurely deceased jazz pianist tries to return to Earth in order to continue his career that seemed to finally take off. The new animated film from Pixar studios should have been released in theaters with the label of the Cannes Film Festival. It will ultimately only be available on the Disney + platform, from December 25.

"It's a tribute to jazz and New York," Pete Docter explains to 20 Minutes. Rarely has the Big Apple been so well represented in an animated film where the two filmmakers show the city in all its diversity. Real happiness for lovers of the City who never sleeps except this musical poem around a musician badly in his skin who seeks meaning in his life.

Jazz and images go hand in hand

“Animation cinema has gone hand in hand with jazz from the outset. This rhythmic music was then ideal for setting images. We have perpetuated this tradition ”, specifies Peter Docter, quoting the short films of Betty Boop in the years 1930 or The Book of the jungle (1967) of the Disney studios. And even if it's a cliché, who says "jazz" often thinks "black". Peter Docter and Kemp Powers immediately decided that their hero would be African American. "So he had to go to places that correspond to him," Kemp Powers tells 20 Minutes. We have therefore made it a point of honor to show New York in all the diversity of its population. Whether at the hairdresser, at the grocery store, or in the street, the protagonist doubles by Jamie Foxx in English and Omar Sy in French.

On the side of purgatory from which the hero escapes accompanied by a small talkative soul that he must guide on Earth, the choices were different. “We offered ourselves a real space of graphic freedom that was to contrast with the New York reality,” says Peter Docter. This is not the first time that the Oscar-winning director of Vice Versa and Up there has tackled serious topics such as emotions and death in his works. “I readily admit that there is a metaphysical side to Soul,” he admits. The most difficult thing was to remain accessible to all age groups. This beautiful, superbly animated story is worthy of the Pixar studios where it was born. So much for its form for its substance, Soul is a great animated film that knows just as much how to make people think and entertain.