"Lego Masters", two million bricks and a dream for young and old

"Lego Masters", two million bricks and a dream for young and old

Violet Field inEntertainmentDec 23, 2020 4 min read1 views

"20 Minutes" attended the (colorful) filming of "Lego Masters", the new M6 program perfect for bringing together young and old in front of the screen

Candidates have more than two million bricks to achieve victory - Wlad SIMITCH / M6
  • This Wednesday, December 23, M6 is launching Lego Masters, a new competition in which eight pairs of small bricks amateurs compete.
  • Each week, the candidates will compete on two tests that combine technique and artistic.
  • 20 Minutes attended the filming of one of them and had the right to a guided tour.

When you imagine what would be the perfect place for kids of all ages to spend a dream afternoon, you're pretty sure the Lego Masters film set ticks all the boxes. Last July, 20 Minutes went behind the scenes of M6's new game in which brick reigns supreme. On the walls, behind the studio, and even on the floor, there is not a place where our eye does not rest on a Lego. Normal, since the production of the show amassed 2.5 million coins in total.

While most of us wouldn't know what to do with so many bricks, aside from a tiny house with no roof and no window, eight pairs of candidates are brimming with ideas (and energy) for the sole purpose of winning the competition. In Lego Masters, time is precious even if it seems very long at first glance. For example, the largest of the tests lasts more than 20 hours. Rest assured, participants are entitled to a twenty-minute break every three hours!

Technique, storytelling, and aesthetics

"We had barely started the casting that everyone was aware," says 20 Minutes Julien Randrianarisoa, a producer at EndemolShine France, proof that the world of brick is small. In just 48 hours, several hundred applications were submitted, but the production teams also spotted the best manufacturers on social networks. After having established a top 50 of the duets they wanted to see at work in the real conditions of the show, the casters saw the pairs five by five by imposing the same test on them with the same 13,279 pieces." We watched if he could verbalize their emotions if they were funny", comments the producer.

After seeing the first episode, you can believe us: the contestants are just as colorful as the two million bricks they have around them. Some have completely crazy styles, others are more in the reserve, but all and all can achieve feats that seemed unimaginable until then. Above all, everyone is amazed when they see these more than two million bricks in front of them.

Throughout their adventure, they were judged on three criteria, technique, storytelling, and aesthetics, by a duo of “brick masters”. The first, Georg Schmitt, is one of the fourteen manufacturers approved by Lego in the world. In short, he is the only Frenchman who can build in the name of the brand for film releases, exhibitions, or in store windows. The second, Paulina Abbey, is an artist specializing in the design of paintings made of bricks, such as mosaics. His expert gaze will focus more on the artistic aspect of the candidates' constructions.

A world record was broken on the show

Lego Masters was designed in the United Kingdom, where it was released in 2017. Since then, it has experienced a slew of adaptations, whether in Germany, Australia, the United States, but also in Colombia, Chile, or in Poland. The French production of the show was inspired by the experience of these different versions to imagine a best-of.“We took the best ideas from our predecessors and it was interesting to get behind,” says Eric Antoine, who runs the program. We did not create 100% proofs, we looked for elements that worked for both. But even candidates who had heard of the foreign versions found themselves in trouble."

Producer Julien Randrianarisoa promises it: the program broadcast on M6 from this Wednesday will not be a copy of what has been done abroad. “In one of our eight events a world record was set and nobody expected it. Georg, who had seen brickwork, said he had never seen it. The winners of the program will win 20,000 euros and their final structure will be on display at Necker Hospital for several weeks.