How to make Sour cream pie with strawberries

Violet Field inCuisineJul 6, 2020 1 min read193 views

Baking is tender, aromatic, with a pleasant berry acidity.

Time for preparing

General1 hour
Active (your participation is required)20 minutes


Eggs3 pieces
White sugar200g
Vanilla extract1 teaspoon
Sour cream160g
Vegetable oil80ml
Baking powder10g
Cane sugar2 tbsp. spoons


1. Cut most of the strawberries into small pieces, and the rest into large pieces.

2․ Beat eggs with white sugar and vanilla extract using a mixer. A homogeneous light mass should be obtained.

3․ Add sour cream and vegetable oil and mix.

4. Combine flour and baking powder. Pour into egg-sour cream and mix thoroughly with a whisk.

5. Insert finely chopped strawberries into the dough.

6․ Cover the bottom of the round shape with parchment. Tableware with a diameter of 22 cm is best.

7․ Pour the dough there. Spread large pieces of berries on top, and sprinkle with cane sugar between them.

8. Bake the cake for 35–40 minutes in an oven heated to 190 ° C.