How to make Indian naan cakes with curd filling

Violet Field inCuisineJul 8, 2020 3 min read55 views

Naan is not just an alternative to bread, but a full-fledged mini-dinner that can be served in the company of various sauces and taken with you. These cakes are hearty and rich in protein and carbohydrates.

Time for preparing

General1 h. 40 min.

Dough Ingredients

Flour360 g
Water240 ml
Vegetable oil45 ml
Dry yeast2 teaspoons
Sugar1 tbsp. the spoon
Salt1 teaspoon

Ingredients for Topping

Cottage cheese300 g
Brine cheese100 g

Bell pepper

1 piece
Cilantro1 handful
Lime Zest½ pieces
Ground Zira1 teaspoon
Chili flakestaste


  1. 1.

    Mix all the components of the dough until you get a uniform, sticky, and very supple mass. Cover it with a film and leave it warm for an hour.


    Make the filling during this time. The ingredients listed above can be safely supplemented. For example, finely chopped red onions, aromatic herbs, ginger, garlic, various vegetables.

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    Squeeze the cottage cheese through cheesecloth, add grated pickled cheese like feta cheese and other ingredients from the list to it. Knead the filling well, salting it to taste.


    Divide the soft dough into 6–8 pieces (depending on the desired diameter) on a floured surface.


    Stretch each serving in a small disk, put about two tablespoons of the filling on top and pinch the edges, collecting the dough in a bag.

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    Flatten the cake by lightly pressing it with your palm. Then turn it over and carefully, without much pressure, walk along with it with a rolling pin, rolling it into a disk with a diameter of 8-10 centimeters.

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    Fry the resulting cakes in a greased frying pan for 2 minutes on each side. The fire should be medium.


    Serve with greens, lime wedges, fresh chili, sweet homemade chutney or fat yogurt or sour cream sauce.