Beef meatballs in tomato sauce

Beef meatballs in tomato sauce

Violet Field inCuisineJul 24, 2020 3 min read150 views

A simple meatball recipe that will take you no more than half an hour. They can be served as a stand-alone dish or as an addition to your favorite side dish.

Time for preparing

30 min.


(your participation is required)

15 minutes.


Ground beef

400 g
3 cloves
Fresh rosemary
1 branch
Bread crumbs
3 tbsp. spoons
Hard cheese
60 g
Chili flakes
1 pinch
Olive oil
2 tbsp. spoons
Tomatoes in their own juice
400 g
1 tsp
Ground black pepper
4-5 slices


  1. 1.

    Combine ground beef, puréed garlic, chopped rosemary leaves, bread crumbs, a handful of grated hard cheese, and chili flakes. Add a pinch of salt.

  2. 2 ․

    Divide the meat into eight portions and roll each into a ball. To make the minced meat more pliable and hold its shape during frying, beat it on the bowl four to five times, throwing it vigorously into the bowl.

    3 ․

    Heat the olive oil and fry the meatballs in it over high heat. The meatballs should be crispy on the outside, but moist on the inside. This usually takes 2-3 minutes.


    Peel the tomatoes, chop and pour them over the contents of the pan.


    Add sugar, a pinch of salt and pepper. When most of the liquid has evaporated, taste the sauce and add more spices to taste.

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    Leave the meatballs over medium heat for 12-15 minutes, then place the mozzarella slices on top, cover the pan and remove from heat. Let the cheese melt.