Famous Coaches - List of Famous Coaches

Sports coaches are the professionals who instruct and train the athletes participating in some specific sports. Coaches play a very important role in helping individual players and teams achieve their full potential and thereby improve their performances. Professional sports are highly competitive and in such situations the responsibilities of the coach increases manifold. Often the head coach of a professional team is assisted by assistant coaches and physical trainers. Coaches identify the strengths and weaknesses of their clients and help them in implementing a suitable training programme to improve their physical and psychological fitness. In addition to helping professional players in achieving their highest potentials, coaches also scout for new talents. They play the role of mentors as they encourage and motivate aspiring sportspersons to take up a particular sport. Coaches in any sport are required to have experience and expertise in playing that particular sport. The duties and responsibilities of coaches differ according to the sports they coach their clients in. It is a highly demanding yet highly satisfying job. Browse this section to explore about the life and works of various famous sports coaches from all over the world.

The Most Famous Coaches

Jürgen KloppJune 16, 1967GermanJürgen Klopp is a German football manager, and a former professional football player
David MoyesApril 25, 1963ScottishDavid Moyes is a Scottish professional football coach and former player
Mike DitkaOctober 18, 1939AmericanMike Ditka is a former American football NFL player coach and TV commentator
Pep GuardiolaJanuary 18, 1971SpanishPep Guardiola is a former Spanish footballer
Mats WilanderAugust 22, 1964SwedishMats Wilander is a former World No
Ryan GiggsNovember 29, 1973WelshRyan Giggs is a famous British-Welsh former footballer
Ivan LendlMarch 7, 1960Czech, AmericanIvan Lendl is a former world number one professional tennis player
Dabo SwinneyNovember 20, 1969AmericanDabo Swinney is an American college football coach
Oracene PriceApril 3, 1952AmericanOracene Price is best known as the coach and mother of tennis stars Venus Williams and Serena Williams
Jupp HeynckesMay 9, 1945GermanJosef "Jupp" Heynckes is a German former professional footballer and coach
David Moyes

David Moyes

David Moyes is a Scottish professional football coach and former player

ScottishApril 25, 19631,386 views

Casey Stengel

Casey Stengel was the most successful baseball manager in the history of the game

AmericanJuly 30, 1890122 views

Boris Becker

Boris Franz Becker is a former German tennis player and one of the most successful tennis players

GermanNovember 22, 1967183 views

Bill Shankly

William Bill Shankly was a Scottish footballer best known as the manager of Liverpool

Bill Bowerman

Bill Bowerman was an American track and field coach, winner of the Oxford Cup and co-founder of the Nike, Inc

AmericanFebruary 19, 1911207 views

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is hailed as one of the greatest Basketball players from America

AmericanApril 16, 1947167 views

Bear Bryant

Bear Bryant served as the head coach of the University of Alabama football team for 25 years, leading them to several victories

AmericanSeptember 11, 1913103 views

Ivan Lendl

Ivan Lendl is a former world number one professional tennis player

CzechMarch 7, 1960223 views

Mats Wilander

Mats Wilander is a former World No

SwedishAugust 22, 1964294 views

Stefan Edberg

Stefan Bengt Edberg is a world famous former Swedish professional tennis player, counted among top professional tennis players of his time

SwedishJanuary 19, 196690 views