Famous People From Atlanta - Celebrities Born In Atlanta

Being the capital and the most populous city in Georgia, Atlanta is the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States of America. It is often referred to as a ‘world city’ and has a major impact on business, education, technology and media. Several famous personalities started their humble journey to success from the city of Atlanta, where they were born and raised. The legendary Martin Luther king Jr. was born in Atlanta. Several television and film personalities such as Chloe Grace-Moretz, Gladys Knight, Ryan Seacrest, Brittany Murphy and Raven-Symone were born here. From the rapper Kanye West to author Margret Mitchell, all hail from the city of Atlanta. Here is the complete list of Atlanta-born celebrities.

Dwight Howard, Lil Baby, Playboi Carti, Barry Van Dyke & YFN Lucci are some of the celebrities who hail from Atlanta.

The Most Famous People From Atlanta

Ty PenningtonOctober 19, 1964AmericanTy Pennington is an American television host, artist, author, former model, and actor
King RoscoeJuly 21, 2003AmericanKing Roscoe is an American rapper who appeared on the show ‘The Rap Game.’
Lil BabyDecember 3, 1994AmericanLil Baby is an American rapper who became popular after the success of his debut mix tape ‘Perfect Timing.’ Let’s take a look at his childhood, family, personal life, career, etc.
Lily CheeSeptember 19, 2003AmericanLily Chee is an American model and actress, who gained prominence after playing a minor role in the popular television series, ‘Daredevil.’
Trinity TaylorMarch 3, 2005AmericanTrinity Taylor is an American Instagram star
Ivey MeeksApril 3, 2002AmericanIvey Meeks is an American YouTube star and model
Chris GillyMay 8, 1997AmericanChris Gilly is an American YouTuber who posts varied content
Michael CampionJuly 26, 2002AmericanMichael Campion is an American actor
Phil BronsteinOctober 4, 1950AmericanPhil Bronstein is a seasoned American journalist and editor
Blair RedfordJuly 27, 1983AmericanBlair Redford is an American actor known for his role in the television series ‘Passions’
Kamil McFadden

Kamil McFadden

Check out all that you wanted to know about Kamil McFadden, the famous American actor; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

AmericanSeptember 10, 1996191 views

Savannah Chrisley

Check out all that you wanted to know about Savannah Chrisley, the famous American Reality TV star & social media personality; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

AmericanAugust 11, 1997131 views

Chris Gilly

Chris Gilly is an American YouTuber who posts varied content

AmericanMay 8, 1997326 views

Charles Martin

Charles Martin is an American dancer, Instagram star, and YouTube star

Justin Ervin

Justin Ervin is an African-American filmmaker, producer, and photographer

AmericanDecember 31, 1988144 views

Phil Bronstein

Phil Bronstein is a seasoned American journalist and editor

AmericanOctober 4, 1950268 views

Tyler Mitchell

Tyler Mitchell is an American photographer

AmericanApril 12, 1995140 views


Britneyandbaby is a stay-at-home mother and YouTube vlogger

AmericanAugust 4, 1993104 views

Allison Speed

Allison Speed is an American YouTuber

AmericanAugust 13, 198996 views

Tommy Sotomayor

Tommy Sotomayor is an American YouTuber and men’s rights activist

AmericanDecember 11, 1975250 views