The hard-to-approach hard face cats caused a storm because of the uneasy expression

Violet Field inAnimalJul 9, 2020 3 min read51 views

The hard-to-approach hard face cats, Wilfred, Dau Dat, or Pearl attracted attention and received the attention of many main people thanks to the special expressions.

Recently, the Thai social network shared a series of photos of a white cat named Pearl with a chubby and lovely body. Contrary to appearance, Pearl's face most of the time was scowling and taciturn. However, this contrast makes many netizens excited, the pictures of Pearl also attract thousands of interactions.

Pearl currently lives with the owner in Suphan Buri Province, Thailand. Because the family sells agricultural products, mainly watermelons, Pearl often goes to the garden or melon market. Many people jokingly scowled the true "guarantee" of the cat will ensure that no thief dared to "take the edge" to steal the melon. 

In Vietnam, a cat named Dau Dat was also famous in 2018 thanks to her unapproachable face. Nguyen Quoc Thanh, the owner of Dau Dat, told Zing at the time of attention, despite his rather stout, mature body, the "little friend" was only a 6-month-old "boy", weighing about 5 kg. 

The Scottish breed has a rare chocolate coat color, making Dau Dat look fierce. Quoc Thanh shared the face of Dau Dat when he was a child, always scowling, "thug", always glaring. However, his personality is timid, whenever he feels insecure, he only knows how to open his mouth, never scratching or poking other people.

Also because of the rare fur color, Dau Dat was once thought to be a bear while being "posed" for posing for photos on the street. Besides, is a foreign cat but Dau Dat is quite easy to eat. Because the family sells rice in the morning and at noon, the food of a "4-legged friend" is usually available, minced with rice.

Cold, indifferent eyes and always face like "accept the world", the cat named Wilfred (living in the city of Finchley, England) also received much love, even called "uncle" cats look the hardest in the world ". 

The owner of Wilfred said that despite his strange appearance, he was completely healthy and showed no signs of shortness of breath or illness and always lived in happiness. This form has been associated with Wilfred since childhood. In particular, contrary to the frustrating appearance, Wilfred likes to shower, party, and enjoy having people take photos.