The cat with beautiful blue eyes "mesmerizes" anyone looking at

Violet Field inAnimalJul 9, 2020 2 min read28 views

This cat is becoming an online social network star and is sharing photos in pet groups because she is too beautiful, especially thanks to her emerald green eyes.

For many people, cats are one of the most favorite animals to choose as pets because of their cute appearance, which makes people easily fall in love.

With her cat Fiona, the owner did not expect one day she will become an online social network star with hundreds of thousands of followers. This is all thanks to her "talking" eyes. 

The stray cat became the "star" 

The owner adopts Fiona from an abandoned cat shelter. Although there is not much information about this cat's past, from the first look at each other, the owner knew she had to take this cat to take care of her because of the excessive lovable "allowed" and named Fiona. (is the blue-eyed princess in the famous cartoon Shrek ). Then she created a personal page for Fiona to share the everyday life of the cat with everyone.

What Fiona's owner did not expect was that after a short time, the number of followers of her cat's personal page increased dramatically. Photos and videos of Fiona's daily life are shared on many pet groups and groups. Everyone is fascinated by the special appearance of this cat, especially the "green eyes" that attract viewers. So Fiona became a "star" on online social networks.

Become fun and inspiration for many people

One of the purposes that the owner of Fiona wants to create her own page is to bring joy to everyone. "I want to send positive messages to Fiona with her cheerful and cheerful images," she said. And indeed both have done that, many netizens commented that they feel very relaxed when looking at Fiona every day.

Fiona's positive influence on social networks has helped her to be a brand ambassador for many brands. Fiona and her employer are also often invited to animal organizers' events, sometimes in another city as a VIP guest. The owner of Fiona also has to admit that the cat brought a source of income for her to be able to cover the school fees, the remaining money is, of course, to take care of Fiona and to give charity to the home for the shelter. animal.