Potato - inspirational cat online

Potato - inspirational cat online

Violet Field inAnimalJul 9, 2020 2 min read7 views

Having surgery to remove both ears because of fibroids, Potato cat is still optimistic and becomes a motivation for many people.

In recent days, images of Potato - the cat-eared cat from China - have been shared on many large forums. Potato's adorable, mischievous expression captured the hearts of many people. Netizens were more moved, admired the energy of the cat when learning the story of its lost ears. 

Potato was a wild cat, abandoned on the street. Two years ago, an animal rescue station found it in a state of ill health. Potato then had severe fibroids in his ear. Doctors treated to remove the tumor in the ear but unfortunately, the disease recurred shortly afterward. To prevent a recurrence, medical staff were forced to cut off their ears. 

Although Potato lost the ear, luckily he did not lose his hearing. Recovering health, he became more active and active. 

The earless cat has been adopted by a man who has his home. Potato quickly became friends with Horlick - this family cat was raised before. "Because Potato lived before, no one knows how old he is. But we guess he is about 6 years old," Potato's new owner shared. On April 25 last year, Potato was celebrating his first birthday at his new home. 

Image Potato sleeping, playing, tangerine close friends make netizens "melt". Many people expressed their happiness when they saw the street cat found a peaceful place. 

The Instagram page created by Potato for its owner since February has attracted nearly 10,000 followers. A series of lovely, childish moments of the cat was enthusiastically released by the netizens. 

Potato's stories and images are also an inspiration for many painters. During the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak, rumors of dogs and cats being able to transmit the virus caused many pets in China to be abandoned or even killed. To protest this, some netizens drew pictures of Potato as a fighter, flying the coronavirus. Photos are shared as a meaningful message, in order to raise awareness about the disease and hope that everyone will protect and love animals.