Pets also 'makeover' is no different from post-dieting, weight loss

Violet Field inAnimalJul 9, 2020 3 min read32 views

After being helped by the owner to lose weight, avoid obesity health problems, many pets enjoy a completely different appearance.

Because they love pets, many owners do not hesitate to give their best care, feeding them a variety of nutritious food several times a day. This is also the cause of many pets being overweight or obese. In the US alone, up to 55.8% of pets are in this alarming state, according to Bored Panda

In fact, overweight pets are said to be cute but this is not good for their health. Not only does it make animals have trouble walking, but their heavy body also increases their risk of diseases and quality of life. When successful weight loss, many dogs not only completely "makeover" on the image but also become healthier. 

The dog named Bertha, this chihuahua has lost half its body weight by following a low-calorie diet. Bertha once weighed nearly 6 kg, was abandoned by the previous owner, and could not move much because he was too fat. After being transferred to an animal rescue center, the 11-year-old dog was adopted by her new owner and helped her lose weight successfully. 

After the diet, the dog named Denis lost up to 79% of body weight. Dr. Erni Ward (UK), who founded the Pet Obesity Prevention Association, told Bored Panda that obese dogs have a higher risk of arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. normal. Studies also show that these dogs live 2.5 years less than those of a healthy weight. 

"Obesity in animals is just as dangerous as in humans. In that, the weight loss process in dogs and humans is quite similar, diet accounts for 60-70% and 30-40% physical activity. For cats, diets account for 90% and 10% depending on the exercise, "said Ward. 

After losing weight, this dog looks much more fresh and flexible. According to Dr. Ward, if you want to help your dog lose weight, the first step is to schedule a vet appointment. They will determine the dog's body condition index, set weight loss goals, ideal weight, and calculate the number of calories the owner should provide to the pet every day. 

Besides diet, walking is an effective and simple way to help your 4-legged friends lose weight quickly. Experts say dogs can safely reduce 3-5% of body weight per month. As long as they are on a weight loss program supervised by a veterinarian. Smaller and more active dogs may drop a bit faster, depending on the amount of exercise their owner can provide.