Korean pets are allowed to attend kindergarten: On 6 days, have contact book and check old lesson

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Because they were too busy to take care of their pets, the Korean people took them to kindergarten to study.

Koreans love pets to the point of building a kindergarten to teach and care for dogs and cats. The love for animals is carefully planned with programs and practical activities. 

Enjoying pets, but life is too busy to be able to take care of the animals, Koreans think of a solution to solve that problem: sending their "children" to kindergarten. 

The kindergarten is open for pets.

As a habit, the school bus will pick up its "4-legged" students at 9:30 am every day. The puppies know their mission to come to school and study hard so they are very obedient and obey the teachers.

The school is always busy and the teachers create the most cheerful and comfortable atmosphere for the children to come to the classroom. Students will be seated neatly by the teacher when entering class.

The teachers are very happy with the "4-legged" students to feel comfortable.
A new study day will begin by checking the health and condition of the students. Around 10:30 am, students, will enter the first lesson. The children will perform sports activities to train their confidence and improve their fitness. Teachers will group by bark. The puppies are very obedient and sit neatly in the position assigned by the teacher.
The second lesson is called "Educating how to show love". When the teacher chants: "Sit", all students will follow this instruction. The class will have recess and lunch break at 1 o'clock.

After lunch, let's sleep.

After eating, the puppies will return to their "beds", listen to melodious music, and fall asleep. The 3rd period starting in the afternoon is a class of "music sensing" which enhances the ability to listen. The school day will end at 5 pm, before returning home, students will be groomed. 

Delicious nap in melodious music.

During the teaching process, teachers will observe and divide into groups based on the characteristics of students such as lively, passive groups, ... From there, teachers find appropriate teaching methods for their students. 

Every day, the teachers would check the old lesson and reward the students with good food if they successfully completed the class requirements. 

Each student has a separate contact book.

Divide the group to study.

All students have their own contact book, the headteacher will record the health condition of the puppies in order for parents to understand the situation. 

Going to school is so fun.

It is known that the tuition of bringing the dog to school is quite high, but the Korean people still accept to spend on the development of their children. Do you find this kindergarten for cats and dogs cute?

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