Her simple life is the most photographed in the world

Her simple life is the most photographed in the world

Violet Field inAnimalJul 9, 2020 3 min read55 views

After 7 years of fame thanks to humorous expressions, Kabosu - a dog from the land of cherry blossoms - has a peaceful life with "4-legged friends" and still receives the attention of netizens.

Kabosu (living in Japan, nicknamed Doge) is a Shiba Inu dog breed famous worldwide with funny meme photos. In 2013, Kabosu was voted the "Top Meme" of the Year by Know Your Meme

Kabosu's picture makes viewers laugh with outrageous eyes like they're judging or surprised at someone. Thanks to this interesting expression, Kabosu quickly became a "network phenomenon" and received much love from fans. 

In fact, this dog was once abandoned with 18 "4-legged friends" after the breeding camp closed. Then, in 2008, Kabosu was adopted by Atsuko Sato - a Japanese kindergarten teacher - at a place carrying a feral cat and dog. 

The name Shiba was named after the Kabosu because Sato found it to have a plump, lovely face like this one. In 2010, the owner of Kabosu decided to set up a blog to share funny pictures and update the daily lives of pets. Kabosu is also the main character on the blog of Atsuko Sato. 

Since being famous, the meme of Kabosu has been made into hundreds of thousands of different versions by netizens. Among them, the most popular version is the introverted monologue with intentional spelling and grammar. 

Meme Doge also appeared on items such as shirts, glasses, pens ... 7 years ago, Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus - two American programmers - launched a Kabosu-shaped cryptocurrency called Dogecoin. As of 2018, Dogecoin once had a total value of up to $ 2 billion. Even the two founders bought dogecoin.com domain name and donated all of their money from this digital currency to charity. 

“It took me about 3 hours to turn Dogecoin from a happy idea into a reality. Actually creating a new cryptocurrency is not difficult. At that time we thought it was another joke and it will be forgotten soon, ”Markus and Palmer shared. 

Until now, Kabosu is still healthy, likes to run, and play with other dogs. Despite a long time passed, Kabosu's photo has often appeared on forums and posts and became one of the "immortal" memes on the internet.