Gaze at the boredom of twin cats with two beautiful eye colors

Violet Field inAnimalJul 9, 2020 3 min read30 views

The odds of having a special cat like that be born were 1 in 1 million, and this owner was lucky enough to own a pair of awesome cat twins!

Twin cats with special eyes are causing online community fever. (Photo: Instagram) 

These days, the image of twins with beautiful two-colored eyes, named Iriss and Abyss from Saint Petersburg (Russia), has created a fever on social networks, especially for those who have an intense love for this pet. 

It was  Iriss and Abyss. (Photo: Instagram) 

It is known that these two-colored eyes originated from iris pigmentation, a genetic disease of the eyes in cats. Accordingly, the amount of different melanin pigments in the two eyes makes the twins have blue eyes and yellow-brown. 

They have eyes of two colors are blue and yellow-brown. (Photo: Instagram)

Originally, the cat's eyes were very bright and sharp. But those eyes became even more prominent and attractive to the eye when it was the highlight of the pure white fur of these twin cats. So the social media account that the owner created to post pictures of them now has more than 47,000 followers.

The eyes stand out more on the pure white fur. (Photo: Instagram)

The owner of the pair said that they were crossed from their mother to a white cat and the father to be a binary cat with black and white fur. And having them pose alongside beautiful flowers, a ball that is symmetrically placed on the head or in a uniform, all of those ideas are taken from the owner of a movie.

The owner of this pair of cats also feels lucky to have them. (Photo: Instagram)

Netizens have been praised for the beauty of Iriss and Abyss. To many people, these twin cats are truly special.

This pair of twin cats is a perfect and natural combination of genes. (Photo: Instagram)

The owner also shared that the color of the coat and the heterochromatic eyes of the twin cats is a perfect and natural combination. And they also feel lucky to have them. Because in fact, the odds of getting a cat with two eyes are up to 1 / 1,000,000.

The fragile and pristine beauty of these two cats makes everyone want to hug and protect them. Do you also expect to have such a beautiful cat to care for and love?