Gaho of G-Dragon and famous pets in the fashion industry

Violet Field inAnimalJul 10, 2020 4 min read3 views

Puppy of G-Dragon, Jennie ... on a fashion magazine with the owner. Meanwhile, Choupette cat inherited enormous assets from "prince Chanel".

For each celebrity, the private life story is always an interesting topic, which is paid special attention to the media. After the halo, everyday life sometimes feels lonely, needs someone to be friends with. Adorable dogs and cats have become their best friends for that reason. Referring to the famous pet in the fashion village, Choupette cat cannot be forgotten. Your owner is none other than "Prince Chanel" Karl Lagerfeld. In fact, until his death, the talented designer never married. For Lagerfeld, Choupette was a confidant and he even wanted to marry the cat. Photo: Madame Figaro.

After Karl Lagerfeld's death, everyone believed that his vast fortune would belong to the Choupette cat. This could turn the Choupette into the richest cat in the world. The legendary designer even promised to give the housekeeper a generous fortune if the person continued to take good care of Choupette like when he was alive. Photo: Spur, Pinterest.

With the owner, Jennie from the famous BlackPink group, Kuma has the opportunity to appear in high-class fashion photoshoots, recently on the cover of Vogue Korea. Jennie is an influential Asian face with a lot of magazine cover, chosen by Chanel to become a brand ambassador, always in the front row in big shows ... Photo: Pinterest. 

The piece of BlackPink loved his dog, even the cover of Vogue Korea in May was called Kuma. The name of Kuku eyeglasses in Jentle Home collection created by Jennie combined with Gentle Monster is also inspired by this dog. Photo: Vogue Korea.

Recently, G-Dragon ( Big Bang ) got caught in criticism because he suspected neglecting Gaho puppy. Netizens capture Gaho's undeserved life and take frequent walks. This is in stark contrast to the time before Gaho was given away by fashion male idols, taking with him on a number of events. Photo: Jumper.

Korean netizens accused G-Dragon of forgetting his puppy, saying that he only considered him as a fashion accessory to look more stylish. Gaho was taken to the nail salon, to take care of it again after the leader of Big Bang received "stone bricks". However, some animal lovers do not tolerate the actions of Korean artists, sarcastically, he "just got old" when he pampered a cat. Photo: DCGD, Pinterest. 

Audrey Versace is the name of the pet dog of Versace luxury brand executive Donatella Versace. Possessing a regal fashion style, as fast as fashionistas, Audrey currently owns 29,400 followers on Instagram. This adorable puppy is traveling around the world with "Donatella" Donatella, presenting at exclusive, exclusive shows, parties or events. Photo: Bigodino, @audrey_versace.

Neville Jacobs is probably the name that is no stranger to fashion lovers. Neville is the dog of famous designer Marc Jacobs. Neville has been dubbed the "coolest dog in the world" thanks to the owner often wearing fashionable designs, "expensive" labels from America. It even became the cover of Paper Magazine's 2015 winter issue and photographed promoting eyeglasses during the Bookmarc campaign. Photo: Medium.

Teddy puppies of supermodels Miranda Kerr and Toulouse of Ariana Grande also had the honor of appearing together on the cover of two major fashion magazines, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. In particular, Toulouse dog which is famous for being spoiled by her owner. Grande regularly takes a photo and takes it on tour together. Toulouse has a more luxurious life than people: Getting on a private jet, staying at an expensive hotel every night with a master. Photo: Harper's Bazaar, Vogue.