Could not take your eyes off the most luxurious "Cat Queen" in the world

Violet Field inAnimalJul 9, 2020 3 min read24 views

With a luxurious and unique fashion sense, this "cat" makes the online community "crazy" every time she sees it.

Who is the queen of cats? Surely a lot of people will answer immediately that Pitzush - haughty cat has charm fascinated hearts.

Eight years ago, Pitzush was still a wild cat, wandering the streets leading the market, both hungry and bullied by other cats to the point of his injury. Then luck also came to Pitzush when "she" met a kind owner. "She was just a hungry wild cat at the time so she screamed and opened her mouth full of rotten teeth ... You couldn't even hold her because her breath was so rotten", "owner" of Pitzush recalled. 

In the words of a veterinarian, Pitzush may have been beaten regularly by other feral cats, "just a kitten but had to fight for survival". (Photo IG pussinglam)

The owner added: "I took the baby to see the vet but then we decided to move Pitzush to the medical station to deal with the stinking milk teeth. As a dentist, I took a real job. The 'vet' just needed to help Pitzush to anesthetize the whole body, and it was a really unpleasant experience to see him lying helpless like that. well, but still quite shy and afraid of many things. It takes a lot of time with patience, a great love to be able to eliminate the previous hurt of Pitzush ".

... became the "fashion queen" that was admired by fans

"Pitzush wants to show you that, in a way, running after others is foolish for restricting your life in exchange for that thing called 'value'. If a cat can create value for themselves ... then we should also look in the mirror to see whether we are just a shadow? ", the owner shared. (Photo IG pussinglam)

Later, this "owner - servant" established a social networking account called Puss in Glam. The original purpose of this account was to satisfy the fashion style of the youth today.

"The owner" of Pitzush said: "As you can see, there are a lot of girlfriends, not fashion bloggers, but also Kardashian believers. However, it's not always good when young girls always see idols as a fashion orientation for themselves ". 

Above all, this "master-servant" wants people to be more aware of what their fashion style is, and to criticize the "curse in today's society": an obsession with trends and scalability...

From an ugly, dirty wild cat, Pitzush is now clear as the "midday sun" - the "queen" of cats. And the tool that makes Pitzush famous as today is the camera, photo editing software, and social networks. (Photo IG pussinglam)

"Pitzush taking pictures is not easy at all. It's a process. From the early days, I could just start with something as simple as wearing a necklace ... Then image processing on the computer. Then later, I added the costume, and the photoshoot could only last for 2 - 5 minutes only ... ", the owner confided more.

Just by looking at that face, Pitzush himself is an inspiration, a fashion icon, and all we want is that.

Let's take a look at other photos of this kitty's "Queen".