Collection of cool sitting designs showing "I am the Boss" hegemony

Violet Field inAnimalJul 14, 2020 2 min read32 views

In this era, cats and dogs are the owners of the world. And people seem to have "respectfully bowed" to serve them, to love them. Perhaps they know it well, so they often have these 'boss alike' poses and expressions.

"It's too cold Maid, turn on the fireplace". 

"Don't talk to me until the hair grows back!". 

"Maid, wake up, teach Boss to go to the bathroom." 

This apparatus is yours. 

What an ideal chair to sit and play games. 

"What are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen a boss drinking wine?" 

"Sit and rest for a while, what to do?"

"Who is squatting as beautiful as a Cat?".

"This movie is terrible Maid." 

I wriggle at the side of the grass. 

Can't we just sit normally? 

Who am I, where is this? 

Long legs, elastic waist, sexy tanned skin - Super Cat is here.


And this is the Great Boss - no need to argue!

"I believe I'm too tired man."

"Maid, you took me to the hospital right?" 

The battle of sitting between great Bosses.